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Committed and resourceful allpack® offer a total service solution for your entire polymer based packaging requirements; key manufacturing partnerships make us your one stop shop.

Plastic fantastic

Stocked or new and exciting bespoke designs, we can promise high volume production of all your polymer products, whether it is: stretch film, polythene, strapping or adhesive tapes.

On a mission with a vision

The supply of high quality products that keep the impact on the environment to a minimum, helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

Worldwide Partners

allpack polymers
Polymer Products Manufacturer & Supplier

allpack Polymer is the Market leading manufacturer, supplier and importer of polymer based products for the industrial packaging market.

Capacity of over 300,000 tonnes of film per annum, 600 million square meters of tape and 1,000,000 kilometres of PET and Polypropylene strapping throughput!

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