Strength in numbers

Allpack polymers are proud to be part of allgroup. Through our affiliations in the manufacturing industry, we are able to offer total service solutions in all your industrial polymer based products. We have an exhaustless capacity for polymer production.

Sustainable business and resources

We do the right thing for our suppliers and customers by looking after the environment. We use sustainable resources in our manufacturing processes and are accredited ISO 14001:2004 the standard for environmental systems.

The little things in life

Respect, ambition, resourcefulness and flexibility. These add value to ours and your business, which is why we have been awarded ISO 9001:2008 for comprehensive quality management. Not only that but we are working hard to BondMark our quality goods, to give you peace of mind.


allpack polymers was founded by the entrepreneur and keen industrial packaging analyst of allpack Supplies established in 1994. Seeing an industry need of focus on core flexible industrial packaging products to meet high volume requirements, the integral and vital division of Allgroup was formed to meet these global needs.

We pride ourselves in the ability to offer a total service solution for all your Industrial polymer based packaging requirements. 

We have exhaustless capacity for blown, cast, and multi-layered co-extruded film products for thousands of varying applications which we supply to many internationally renowned commercial and household names and many market sectors globally. We partner hand in hand with the world’s leading manufactures of a comprehensive range of pressure sensitive self-adhesive tapes in all technologies, printed and plain - Acrylic Water based, Hot Melt and Solvent based - as well as BOPP film and impregnated paper for masking tape production, with annual production capacity of over 600 million square meters. Along with these key strengths we are supported by the world’s largest extruders of polyester and polypropylene strapping for the most demanding high volume, load stabilising projects. Manufacturing capabilities are in excess of 1,000,000 km of polypropylene strapping (PP) and polyester strapping (PET) a year, enough to circle the equator more than 25 times!

Although being market leaders in high volume capacity, our company mantra is forever at the forefront of our minds, always giving ‘nothing but our best’ whatever the application, whatever the volume.