People Power

Training and development is the key to a happy workforce. We train because we value our staff and your customer experience

Gold Standard

Working hard to give you customer satisfaction. No job is too big or small.

Reaching Potential

We strive to make good even better with our innovations and commitment to your success.




To inspire our people to be the best and our business to be the best our clients do business with?

We are wholly committed to…

- making our people feel valued and able to realise their own potential

- delivering exemplary service standards to our customers every day

- treating every job, big or small, like it was our first

- making it impossible for our competitors to win business from us

- doing the right thing by suppliers and looking after the environments we work in


- the hardest working and most innovative provider of packaging solutions in the business

- the hardest working and most innovative partner for the businesses we serve 


The values that we stand for and by…

Respect - we treat people with the respect we'd value ourselves

Ambition - we don't think good is good enough and believe there's always a better way of doing things. We will achieve our goals by helping our clients achieve theirs

Agility - we think and move quickly and we're not limited by convention nor stifled by bureaucracy

Resourcefulness - we're not the biggest but we have deeper resources of talent, 

creativity and endeavour than anyone in the business