No Barriers

There are no barriers that can’t be overcome with our range of quality tapes. Think of a tape and we’ve got it! We can supply the right tape products for the right job!

Innovative Tapes

Our polymer division constantly develops and produces new products for different applications. Our long standing expertise in this field means we are committed to giving you quality and service.

Staying Power

Brand it up with our tapes and it won’t just be the tape that sticks. Impress your customers with bespoke printed adhesive tapes that will elevate your brand.


allpack Polymers has been involved in the conversion of self-adhesive tapes and films for many years. Customised and specialist die cut products are key areas, alongside our laminating and slitting facilities. Contract slitting and conversion services are also part of our remit.

Our focus and enthusiasm in these processes means you have the opportunity to use our experience and wealth of knowledge, as a tool to assist you with your bespoke product. Part of our service to you, is to recommend the correct adhesive tape or converted format, based solely on your individual requirement.

At allpack Polymers, our specially developed machinery allows us to fulfil any adhesive tape production requirement you may have.

We can supply the right tape products for the right job...

adhesive tapes (industrial and commercial tapes, adhesive metal tape)
automotive tapes (automotive masking tape, pvc tape rolls, vinyl and car trim tapes)
die cutting
double sided tapes (heavy duty double sided tapes, double sided adhesive tapes, double sided foam tapes, industrial double sided tapes and other double sided tapes)
foam tapes (foam mounting tapes, acrylic foam tapes)
magnetic tapes (magnetic mounting tape, magnetic sticky tape, magnetic self adhesive tape)
masking tapes (industrial and commercial)
paper tapes
plastic tapes (industrial plastic tapes and other plastic tapes)
self adhesive tapes

We are constantly developing and producing new and innovating products for different applications. With ever increasing markets for its adhesive tapes allpack Polymers are committed to quality and service. We supply standard material tapes, including adhesive-rubber; adhesive-acrylic & release liners-films and also offer a custom coating & lamination service onto customer supplied materials, including foam & rubber, encompassing slitting & die cutting.