Can you feel the Tension?

We move with the times selling polypropylene, PET and steel strapping. Whatever your choice our quality range will suit your needs.

Our PET friendly strapping

Our alternative to steel strapping, shares all the pros and none of the cons. A cheaper, environmentally friendly and recyclable choice.

Polypropylene Dream

An economical choice, perfect for lightweight use and can be brand identified using a choice of four colours. Hand or machine, it allows contraction around your packages.


allpack Polymer are supported by the world’s largest extruders of polyester and polypropylene strapping for the most demanding load stabilising projects. Manufacturing capabilities in excess of 1,000,000 km of polypropylene strapping (PP) and polyester strapping (PET) a year, enough to circle the equator more than 25 times!


Lightweight and economical, allpack Polymer polypropylene strapping is ideal for easy to carry parcels, boxes and lighter pallet loads. It can be fitted by hand or machine and the high elongation properties of polypropylene strapping allow contraction around packages as they settle, keeping them secure. 

Allpack Polymer strap can be manufactured to exactly suit your customers' specific requirements; you can even send us a 1m sample of the strap you are looking for and we will match it exactly. 

What's more polypropylene strapping can be single colour custom printed for brand identity, usage or security purposes. You can choose from 4 standard ink colours: black, red, blue and green. Click here for details. 



PET strapping band is a very resistant strap, with a small specific elongation. Having similar properties with the steel strapping, PET strapping band, is an alternative choice at applications that use steel strapping. PET strapping band guarantees a constant strapping tension at packaging, being not influenced by temperatures variations. PET strap gives absolute security to the product during transport and manipulation. Pet strapping band is an easier and viable alternative for steel strapping its elongation and recovery characteristics helping straps to stay tight and absorb shocks with no breaking or splitting. PET strapping band is available in various typo dimensions between 9 – 32 mm width and 0,5 – 1,4 mm thickness.

The specific characteristic of PET strapping band is the large application to products and packages with high internal tensions, where strength and flexibility are needed. We must remark that it is safer for handling and safer for the user and product compared with the steel strapping. PET strapping band is elastic, no rust, recyclable, Eco friendly, resistant and much more cheaper than steel straps. It can be applied with hand tools, pneumatic and electrical tools.


Better elongation than steel strapping
Very good elasticity
Lower tension applied on the products surface than steel strap tension
Better handling than PP or steel strapping
Easier than steel strap
No rust, no split, no scratches at handling
Lower accident risk
UV protection and resistance
Non toxic product, no dust absorption, water proof
Resistant to bad weather conditions
Hard to cut or break during manoeuvring and transportation
Lower tension to the surface of the product.

With the support of GREENTECH SA, our raw material supplier (very good quality pet flakes) and with the latest production technology, having an output of 500 to/month, we are able to produce PET strap that can satisfy all the exigence or need that comes from our clients.

It is no surprise that PET strapping band has become a favorite solution for a lot of industry and applications that requires high performance at packaging and a better presentation of the product.