Passing on Saving

allpack® Polymers is part of the Bluewater Packaging Group and has increased buying power, which means we can buy in large volumes and pass on those savings to you.

Core Blimey!

Our core pricing matrix maintains competitiveness on all products, so you can be sure you’re receiving the best deal.



A business partner who understands your every need.

How many times do you endure the frustration of being told ‘I don’t know what product you take’ or ‘I’m afraid I can’t help you, you need to speak to someone else who’s out at the moment’?

You matter…

If you long to deal with a company that makes you feel as though you really matter, then the sales team at allpack would love to talk to you.  When you commence business with us, we make you doubly sure that you will get a) the respect you deserve and b) the service you desire.  No automated telephone messages with sixteen options – just prompt, friendly and knowledgeable people at your service.

Not one, but two…

We will give you the security of an external Dedicated Account Manager (DAM) who will be the ultimate authority on your company’s account with us.  They will handle all your initial business, set you up with the allpack service programme you require, and be on call to visit you whenever you require.

In addition, you will also have an internal Dedicated Account Manager dedicated to your company.  They will have detailed knowledge of your products, the service programmes you are on and are available for telephone or email contact from 7.00am to 4.30pm every day.

The two DAM’s liaise closely together and both are fully acquainted with all your company’s packaging products, prices and purchase history.

Complete support

We are passionate about customer service.  We believe you have a right to be treated royally because you are honouring us with your custom.  We are only satisfied when you have complete confidence in our company.

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